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We Offer Dog and Cat Grooming At West Chester Pet Resort


We’re excited to announce Jenna as our Professional Pet Stylist & Groomer!


Please call for pricing information

Grooming services are by appointment only. For those pets with appointments we take check-ins for services from 7am—8am Monday – Friday as well as one Saturday a month. Pick-up for Grooming Services start at 3PM, unless other arrangements have been made. Grooming services are available for our boarding pets too. If you’d like your pet groomed while they’re here just let our staff know at check-in.

Cuteness on overload!

We offer Fur-Minator treatments for those pets that just always seem to shed, Oatmeal baths for pets that have sensitive skin, Baths with cuts and styling as well as Baths and styling.  Our Grooming Services include the bath, toenail trims, anal glands expressions, bandannas/bows as well as cologne. We offer sedation services through Chester Animal Clinic for those pets that need a little help in relaxing during their spa treatment. Prices will be subject to the length of your pet’s coat, their size, matting and the condition of their coat.

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To ensure our clients are aware of and understand our guidelines we require a signed copy of our Grooming Policies annually. To save time at check-in please print, read and sign our policies (link below) and bring them with you to your appointment. As we want you to be pleased with your pet’s groom, please allow a few minutes to give us thorough instructions so you can make sure we understand what you’d like done. We ask that pet owner’s not send someone else to drop-off their pet for these services as directions might be lost in translation. The last thing we want is for you to be unhappy with how your pet is groomed/styled.